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Portal for Next Generation Researchers Initiative


Welcome to the web portal for public input to the Next Generation Researchers Initiative


The Committee on the Next Generation Researchers Initiative seeks public input for consideration in a report offering recommendations and promising practices to maintain a high quality, responsive, and vital research enterprise by supporting the next generation of biomedical and behavioral researchers. More information about the initiative is available on the project webpage (opens in new page).


The Committee has reviewed prior recommendations from relevant National Academies of Sciences reports, National Institutes of Health working groups, and scientific society papers. A consolidated list of relevant recommendations, as well as responses to those recommendations, is available for review here (opens in new page).

1. Please provide the following:

Public Comment: Any comments or material you submit to the committee, including your name and identifying information, will be listed in the Public Access File for the Committee on the Next Generation Researchers Initiative, in compliance with Section 15 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). By submitting comments, you acknowledge and agree that the National Academies will be authorized to use any such comments or submissions in the committee’s report or related materials in accordance with the institution’s Terms of Use Statement which includes the granting of a Nonexclusive License.